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Each of the six precincts within the estate have been uniquely designed to take advantage of the natural environment surrounding them and give individual access onto the course via a public open area pathway. Views abound from all properties within the estate and the more elevated of the precincts boast sea as well as mountain views. The exteriors of the precincts or villages are indigenously landscaped according to the guidelines and present a welcoming approach to owners and visitors alike. Owners are required to use indigenous landscaping when planning their gardens and a copy of their landscaping plans are to be submitted for approval with the house plans. The perimeters of each precinct are walled with electric fencing on top. Internal access to other precincts is via golf cart paths but golf course rules must be adhered to during times of play.

Each precinct, save precinct 1 , has its own attractively designed ,slate tiled guardhouse that is manned on either a 12 or 24 hour basis and provides access via an electrically controlled gate to the village. There are individual postboxes and postal delivery to each precinct and an intercom system from the guardhouse to the individual owners property for visitors. The roads in each precinct are brick paved with speed humps and a section of frontal properties open onto the golf course.

The precincts each have their own Homeowners Associations and operate autonomously with their own levy structure relative to their individual costs but pay a nominal levy to the Master Homeowners Association for maintenance and management of the common areas and wetlands.The management of each Homeowners Association is sourced from owners and meetings are held regularly with an annual AGM of each precinct and Master Property Owers Association.